Online consultation before coming into Korea

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01Online consultation before entry

Contact us via online booking, email, phone or fax.

Please provide your contact phone number or e-mail address including your name, passport number, nationality, sex, date of birth, main symptoms and diagnosis, test and medical records.

If you have medical and treatment experience in your home country, please bring your medical records, pathology report, film, CD, and scanning images (CT scan, MRI, U/S etc.) when you visit hospital.

We will reply to you referring to expected treatment plan, medical expenses, and estimated period of hospitalization in accordance with individual conditions.

02Visiting the hospital; outpatient visits or hospitalization

A nurse and a coordinator will escort you throughout the whole procedures. After consultation at the Global Health Care Medical Cooperation Center, you will be guided to each department for examination, treatment, diagnosis, and prescription.

03Discharge and payment

The staff of the Global Health Care Medical Cooperation Center will guide you for payment. Both cash and credit cards are available. Transfers from foreign currency are available at the Woori Bank, located on the first floor of the hospital.

If you need medical records for reimbursement for government medical care or private insurance in your country, all the records or CDs can be issued at your own expense.

04Constant management

If necessary, outpatient appointment will be arranged.

If you have any questions about your illness, treatment, or prescription, please call, fax, or e-mail at your convenience.