Health promotion center

Features of Health Promotion Center of The Catholic University of Korea, Incheon ST. Mary’s Hospital

Health Promotion Center of The Catholic University of Korea, Incheon ST. Mary’s Hospital offers patients the best health checkup services in a comfortable and stylish space. The faculty members diagnose and decide what the problem is assisted with high-technologies to prevent diseases and to help patients be proactive for their health management. All our health check-up process happens with state-of-the-art health scanning system with PET-CT, which can find 'hidden cancer' and the latest diagnostic equipment (64-channel MDCT, mammography, ultrasonography, bone density, endoscopy, etc.

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    Medical Faculty of Catholic University is with patients in person

    Based on accumulated experience and trust, Medical Faculty of Catholic University examine and check the test result in person using state-of-the-art medical equipment, by which we have gained high credibility from patients.

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    Continuous Healthcare & Fast ONE-STOP Screening System

    Differentiated state-of-the-art medical equipment such as PET-CT, 64-channel MDCT, and MRI can increase the possibility to detect diseases early (especially cancer, cerebrovascular disease, liver disease, etc.)

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    Specialized Health Checkup Program

    The program is designed to diagnose cancer and cerebrovascular diseases as early as possible. Also, it is customized to be able to detect chronic diseases of the patients between 40s and 60s who have a high rate of incidences. Individual medical checkups, test result records, and follow-up observations are all integrated and computerized. When a disease is detected early, one-stop appointment for the patient can be easily linked to the appropriate departments for immediate treatment.

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    Comfortable and Pleasant Health Checkup

    We attend to every detail of our customers by providing a sophisticated comfortable space, operating a systematic check-up system and arranging a dedicated personal coordinator, and all of them are devoted to understanding customers’ position.