Customized Cancer-Treatment Hospital


Incheon St. Mary's Hospital opened a new hospital for “Customized Cancer-Treatment”so that we can provide differentiated cancer-care, following the rapidly developing medical technology nowadays.

By utilizing cutting-edge imaging technology, various interventional tests, and next generation sequencing (NGS), we provide fast and accurate information with various aspects about cancer. To achieve high level of accuracy of diagnosis, more than 4 to 5 doctors of different medical departments are working together for “Multidisciplinary Integrated Care” which is face-to-face system with patients so that we are trying to make sure that patients can understand better about the illness together with their family and then successfully take the treatments as well.
In the area of Incheon, Incheon St. Mary's Hospital is the only hospital which can perform minimal-invasion surgeries using robots, by which we can help patients to be comfortable without the mental and physical burden on the surgery. We have an efficient system to apply various therapies with a target solution matching to genetic mutation of cancer. Advanced and dynamic radiotherapy technologies and equipment make it capable of doctors to provide the best individualized medical treatments for cancer depending on each patient.

  • Based on the genetic system, the customized treatment strategy is applied

  • One Stop Service within a day

  • Multidisciplinary Integrated Treatments for an individual patient

  • Patients Oriented System

Targeted Cancer Therapy through Genetic Tests

  • Precise Diagnosis by Analyzing DNA

    Through NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) test, we can verify what the cause of illness is.

    We can predict the danger of illness and prevent proactively.

  • Ability to Predict Prognosis for Cancer Therapy

    We can predict prognosis of cancer patients by analyzing DNA information and using Bio-informatics.

  • Targeted Cancer Therapy which treats only particular cancer cells

    NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) helps find working cancer cells, which is different from the past when even normal cells were attacked.

    We help patients increase their survival rate and decrease side effects such as vomiting.

  • Customized Cancer Therapy with NGS (Next Generation Sequencing)

    It is a method to analyze genes by categorizing dozens or hundreds of genes into one panel at a time.