Mission, Vision

The spirituality of the Catholic Central Medical Center is to take care of those suffering from diseases by embodying Jesus Christ as a healer in us.

In order to realize this spirituality, we train, study and develop medical personnel with a noble mission and constantly trying to provide love-filled medical services.

  • Vision

    a hospital with the best clinical care capabilities

  • Mission

    the best high-technology medical care with Christ's love

  • Credo

    We take care of those who suffer from diseases like family members with high-technology medical care and warm hearts.

Business policycommunication, transformation and Quantum Leap to Future

  • Basic management

    Back to Basics

    Continuing development by strengthening internal competitiveness

    Enhancement of Severity By strengthening the medical care competency

  • Empathic management

    Co-prosperity and cooperation through a fair and equitable organizational culture

    Organizational internalization through leadership of empathy

  • Talent management

    Fostering human resources and strengthening capabilities

    Expanding the operational wards and enhancing the rate of movement of the wards through stable manpower operation

  • Happiness management

    Increasing the number of first-time hospital visit patients by improving patient satisfaction

    Reduced Retirement Rate through Improving faculty and employee Satisfaction