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The introduction of advanced medical equipment in the city of Incheon

Introduction for Equipment

  • MRIdian LINAC

    MRIdian LINAC

    World’s first AI cancer treatment device

    Incheon St. Mary’s hospital started to operate it in July 2018 for the first time in Korea

  • Novalis


    - Novalis is a radiation surgery equipment with the highest precision in the world.

    - Novalis is equipped with all the advantages of existing cutting-edge radiation therapy devices such as CyberKnife, Tomotherapy and RapidArc

  • C-Linac


    Cutting-edge technology for radiation cancer therapy

  • Da Vinci

    Da Vinci

    The 4th generation as a robot surgery system, Da Vinci performs the surgery above and beyond the capability of human surgeons

  • Angiography (Three dimensional scanning for blood vessels)

    Angiography (Three dimensional scanning for blood vessels)

    Angiography is a state-of-the-art digital equipment for diagnosis of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and treatment of carotid and peripheral vessels, and observation and functional analysis by the latest digital subtraction angiography!

  • PET-CT( Positron Emission CT imaging)

    PET-CT( Positron Emission CT imaging)

    - PET-CT is a kind of magnifying glass to find micro cancer tissue in the body

    - Even hidden cancer can be discovered by scanning the image only once

  • MRI / Siemens Skyra MRI

    MRI / Siemens Skyra MRI

    Premium 3T MRI Magnetom Skyra of Siemens was introduced in Korea for the first time

  • 640 Multidetector Computed Tomography

    640 Multidetector Computed Tomography

    - 640 MDCT reduces significantly the amount of radiation exposure with ultra-speed

    - The high resolution helps make accurate decision and provides precise analysis

  • MDCT (Multi-Detector Computed Tomography)

    MDCT (Multi-Detector Computed Tomography)

    MDCT (Multi-Detector Computed Tomography) with 64 channels, which means the highest level of speed and precision

  • TomoTherapy


    We have the most experience in Korea by applying Tomo-therapy for the first time in Korea, which is the 4th generation for radiation cancer therapy (more than 800 cases in May 2008)

  • Neuromicroscopy (High Technology Medical Care)

    Neuromicroscopy (High Technology Medical Care)

    The biggest advantage in using a microscope is a large number of small parts.

    The special filter of the light source performs the occlusion diagnosis to the aneurysm.

    This greatly improves the quality of professional work and contributes to the increase in the worklists performed using microscopes.

  • Bipolar


    During surgery to control fine blood vessels such as brain surgery, hemostasis is the most basic and difficult process.

    Rapid hemostasis is more important than any surgical technique.

    The advanced hemostasis equipment has no blood vessel error of 0.001mm.

  • Navigator


    Modern equipment and modern stereoscopic systems used to diagnose and treat skull, cerebrovascular surgery, and epilepsy operations can fix the position and movement of surgical instruments and receive accurate surgical and diagnostic results in the shortest possible time with a minimum cut

  • Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator(CUSA)

    Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator(CUSA)

    Ultrasound can do cancer surgery, brain surgery!

    Ultrasonic surgery can distinguish tumor tissues in real time and remove them accurately. Especially during brain surgery, it protects the cerebrovascular blood vessel and suppresses bleeding during surgery. Shortening the operation time and the recovery period of the fast patient, it boasts good prognosis after surgery.

  • Transcranial doppler (TCD)

    Transcranial doppler (TCD)

    Using ultrasound, it is possible to accurately diagnose the stenosis, occlusion, malformation, peripheral vascular disorder of the cerebrovascular vessels without the pain of the patient by grasping the exact location of the blood vessel and the direction of the blood flow!

  • 16 Channel Operation Monitor

    16 Channel Operation Monitor

    In brain surgery, the location and state of the nerve can be accurately grasped.

    It is exacted and safed for muscle, and the nervous system test, diagnosis and disability determination

  • Bone Mineral Density tester (Health Promotion Center)

    Bone Mineral Density tester (Health Promotion Center)

    Bone test, precise and secure!

    It safes in the osteoporosis test to the X-ray absorption mode in which the radiation dose littles.

    The inspection photographing time shorts to 10~30 second within.

    All automation of the results analysis will result in rapid results

  • Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy(ESWT)

    Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy(ESWT)

    It stimulates the regeneration of normal tissue by delivering shock waves (low frequency) to excessive exercise, inflammation and rupture of tendons due to degenerative changes, degenerativeness of muscle skeletal tissue, and pain in joints.

    In the case of hip joints, a breakthrough treatment that can survive necrotic bones if only the joint head part is alive

    A therapeutic device capable of treating various areas such as neck, shoulder, back, waist, knee, wrist, ankle, etc.

  • Cooling therapy machine

    Cooling therapy machine

    Equipment to treat muscles and fractures with low-temperature air.

    It is used for the contraction, stiffness, arthritis, trauma and spasm of the indication muscle.

  • Glaucoma, Retinal imaging analyzer

    Glaucoma, Retinal imaging analyzer

    Advanced equipment with ophthalmic CT, MRI, and ultrasound.

    Observe the eyeballs in fine units (microns).

    The early diagnosis of glaucoma possibles (provisional defect prevention).

    Equipment that can analyze the optic nerve in real time.

  • Electroencephalogram


    The minute electric potential of the brain is sensed and the brain function state including epilepsy, the brain tumor etc. is diagnosed accurately.

    Observe the patient's recovery status due to drug administration and treatment.

    It is also used for diagnosis of brain impact, aftereffects, etc. due to traffic accidents or safety accidents.

    Advanced monitoring systems can manage patient status, allowing pediatric patients to conduct safe and accurate tests.

  • Arteriosclerosis diagnostic

    Arteriosclerosis diagnostic

    The elasticity of the blood vessel and precipitation degree of the endothelium are measured and the exact method is found in the treatment of the degree of arteriosclerosis or the arterial related disease.

    The test time very shorts. The test accuracy highs.

    Indications, heart failure arteriosclerosis, obstructive arteriosclerosis, and hardening of the arterial wall (aging of the blood vessels), and early vascular disorders are found especially in diabetes, hypertension, smoking, and the elderly.

  • Laser irradiator

    Laser irradiator

    Equipment for treating diseases in muscles and fractures by penetrating into tissues without damage to skin tissues during treatment

  • Exercise load tester

    Exercise load tester

    EKG, blood pressure, heart and lungs are tested by beating the heart.

    Indication, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, angina, cardiopulmonary response test, heart and lung disease are examined.

  • Transcranial Doppler (TCD)

    Transcranial Doppler (TCD)

    It is the world's top model equipment with 'Ultrasound Cerebral Blood Flow Measurement System' that can diagnose cerebrovascular disease by measuring the speed of cerebral artery blood flow, direction and pulsation index using ultrasound.

    By using the noninvasive method through the ultrasonic wave, the pain of patient has no in inspection and it is more exact than the existing 'supersonic cerebral blood flow meter', location and direction of the blood flow can be grasped more accurately.

    In addition, it is possible to more easily and accurately diagnose other blood flow obstacles such as stenosis of cerebrovascular vessels, occlusion and cerebral isovenous malformations, pressure factors and deformities inside the brain, carotid artery and peripheral blood vessel disorders.

  • Vision and X-ray imaging equipment

    Vision and X-ray imaging equipment

    Low dose irradiation that is safer for patients than X-ray diagnostic testing equipment.

    By digitally transmitting the clear image it quicks and exact can be read.

    Video digital transmission.

    Securing a range of diagnostics, including systemic and angiography.

    Patient-friendly equipment that can be diagnosed under the best conditions.

  • ESWL Unit

    ESWL Unit

    The underwater electrode discharge equation with a higher crushing success rate than using a general electromagnetic chamber and piezoelectric equation is adopted.

    The surgical operation be simple and convenient and the has nearly no side effect.

    It is usable to the top urinary stone and lower part urinary stone.

    Used as a primary surgical procedure for urinary stones.