Health promotion center

  • step 01

    Consult with a coordinator at Global Health Care Medical Center (Website, E-mail, Phone, SNS)

    If you describe your symptoms or inconveniences, we can recommend a comprehensive health checkup program.

  • step 02

    Select a package and schedule an appointment

    Once you make a reservation, a representative will inform you of the precautions before the inspection.

  • step 03

    Visit the hospital and proceed the health inspection

    After arriving at the hospital, you will answer some questions and then proceed with the inspection.

  • step 04

    Interdisciplinary Care is available

    The test results except for a few tests are completed on the same day, so you can get outpatient medical care immediately.

  • step 05

    Get your result sheet for the comprehensive health check

    After a week, we will translate the test result into your native language and print it into a booklet and imaging results will be prepared as DVDs.

  • step 06

    Answer questions

    Regarding the test results, you can inquire them through the Global Health Care Medical Center at any time.